Intelligence as a Service

SaaS solutions for investment, charting and analytics platforms, powered by artificial intelligence.

Turning Market Data into Intelligence in 10 milliseconds

Gathering vast amounts of market data (L1/L2) from both securities and crypto exchange order books, our technology anticipates the upcoming price behaviour (over-bought or over-sold) of over 60,682 securities and cryptocurrencies. Connected to over 24 financial and 300 crypto exchanges we process over 60,682 financial instruments to establish market intelligence in under 10 milliseconds.

Algorithms Powered by AI and ML

In order to intelligently process vast amounts of data (Tick by Tick), we apply proprietary AI and ML learning models. Our process to gather, classify, analyze and turn market data into intelligence has been perfect over 15 years of research and development. To do so our technology processes over 5 billion transactions a second.

Proprietary Data

We have gathered over 4 terabytes of proprietary market intelligence. We transform raw market data into normalized data, then into proprietary behavioural data, which is securely stored and streamed to 3rd party applications and platforms.

Secure Cloud Infrastructure

A scalable and adaptable architecture deployed on secure cloud server farms. Our technology is built using industry standard security protocols and design methodologies, engineered to serve an unlimited number of clients with a variety of SaaS based and enterprise API solutions.