Designed for active traders and todays leading financial institutions, QuantGate's Real Time Sentiment platform delivers an unparalleled active trading experience.

Revolutionizing Fintech

QuantGate provides active traders and financial institutions with best in class artificial intelligence driven trading tools they need to easily access market opportunity intelligence. As markets become more complex, volatile and unpredictable, traditional forms of trading support systems are becoming less effective. More traders lose capital and a new generation of traders are faced with increasing barriers to entry. QuantGate's platform offers a simple and effective approach that enables traders to trade reliably, independently and emotion-free.

Today, leading online brokers around the globe have integrated QuantGate's mobile and desktop platforms to offer their traders a best-in-class trading experience.

Building Top of Mind

Evening the playing field, by empowering a new generation of active traders with cutting-edge artificial intelligence to trade more reliably and efficiently in today's fast paced financial markets.

QuantGate's Team

Real Time Sentiment AI Platform

Powered by Real Time Sentiment, Quantgate's AI platform is designed for scale and global availability.

Best-in-Class Experience

Designed with best-in-class user experience for the mobile and desktop active trader audeince.

Performance Driven

An innovative psychology-based market participant Perception and traders' Sentiment AI platform to empower active traders with superior market intelligence.

Multi Asset Class

Global availability across multiple exchanges, brokerages and asset classes: Stocks, Futures, Forex, Options and Crypto.

Cloud Infrastructure

Resilient architecture designed with scalability, availability and accessiblity in mind. Designed with an integration centric approach for efficient onboarding and deployment.

Security & Privacy

Best-in-class protocols for security, authentication and end-user data privacy. An architecture designed for jurisdiction-specific deployments.


Certified with leading online brokerages and regulated financial institutions.

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