HYDRA Robotic Trading Platform

HYDRA's objective is to utilize the latest in robotic and artificial intelligence technologies, analyzing emotional sentiment of market participants in real time. The groundbreaking concept of combining real-time assessment of market participants’ sentiment together with seamless integration of decision-making support processes has become a benchmark for modern trading platforms. The platform is designed for minimal human intervention and for extremely fast and reliable decision support.

Deployed in our secure R&D facility

Fully deployed in an institutional trading pit environment, HYDRA is a multi strategy portfolio management system that fully leverages our proprietary decision support system and signals. For more information about HYDRA please contact us.

A Unique Approach to Financial Market Modeling

What makes HYDRA different is that it is based on the psychological forces that affect the market. We believe that psychology is the dominant force sending the market in whatever direction it's taking at the moment. We clearly know these are not masses of individuals making the same decision rationally. These are huge groups of traders that perform more like herds, flocks, or schools of fish. Decisions are made by a few leaders and the rest move accordingly. HYDRA has developed algorithms that identify and predict the outcomes when these phenomena come into play.